– He was instrumental in securing over 60 Billion dollars in Federal Aid to help NJ/NY Rebuild.


– He worked with the Murphy Administration to put a halt to RREM Clawbacks.


– He worked with the Murphy Administration to shift funds to RREM recipients to receive an additional $50 million dollars to help get the last 1,200 homeowners in the RREM program home.


– He Forced FEMA / Insurance Companies to Re-Open our flood claims by having a hearing in Washington, DC.  SANDY Survivors received hundreds of millions of additional dollars in flood claims.


– He originally brought home over a Billion dollars for the Dunes system, years before SANDY. It could have prevented most of the SANDY damage if the State of NJ built the dunes before SANDY.


– He sponsored and passed the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act (HFIAA). Keeping flood insurance affordable.


– He was instrumental in fixing the “V” zone mapping issue right after Superstorm Sandy.




Here is some forward thinking by Senator Menendez;


He is sponsoring the SAFE Flood insurance bill.



– This will provide protection for future flood survivors from insurance companies when they deny or low ball flood claims.


– This will permanently keep flood insurance affordable.


– This bill will Raise ICC (Increased Cost of Compliance) from $30,000 to $100,000. Also homeowners could call on the $100,000 BEFORE A FLOOD to raise their homes to PREVENT a flood in the future.



Read the full story of all the progressive policies of the SAFE Act here http://www.stopfemanow.com/explanation-flood-insurance-bills-side-side-comparison/



Lastly Senator Menendez is laying the groundwork on securing Billions in funding for the Back Bay Project with the Army Corp of Engineers that will protect flood policyholders across the whole state of New Jersey.



We don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican, we just want to save our homes.



Watch the full video here.  https://youtu.be/_baKUtI5gZY?t=336

















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