Quotes from News Article (VIDEO);

– “The insurance adjuster “downplayed” the damage.

– “He (adjuser) found all kinds of ways to deny our coverage and said the home could be repaired, WHICH WAS NOT TRUE”

– 1 out of every 3 homeowners was REJECTED by NFIP to reopen their claims.

You have the following options;

– Contact the NFIP to re-open your claim. (You will have to rely on NFIP to be fair or fight to be “made whole”)

– Try and obtain FREE legal advice from groups such as Touro Law School, Adopt A House, NYLAG, NJ Lawyers for Justice, Long Term Recovery Groups, etc…. (Many of these organizations are getting overwhelmed with requests….. so HURRY)

– Hire an adjuster to assist you

– Hire an Attorney who specializes in Flood Insurance Claims.

(We URGE that you have a professional represent you).

SFN will be having outreach meetings in your community shortly.

If you have any questions please email us StopFemaNow@gmail.com

Watch News Cast (Click on link)



Menendez Sandy Claim

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