It seems that the most successful stories of our members are the ones who stand up and fight.



Mr. Jack Frost, whose home is in North Carolina, joined us in Washington, DC to fight to lower his premiums.



Below are videos and pics of him telling his story in the Capital and lobbying congressmen and Senators with SFN Members at his side.






Lobbying his congressmen and Senators with SFN members backing him up. (pic below)





No matter what flood zone problem you have;

  • Lowballed on your flood insurance claim.

  • Exorbitantly high flood insurance premiums.

  • Clawbacked from FEMA / NFIP / RREM / NY RISING / Build it Back.

  • Fraudulent Contractor ran off with your money.

  • Need assistance in raising or rebuilding your home.

  • Substantially damaged.





Please view Mr. Jack Frost’s Social Media post here


“Stop FEMA Now gave me the voice needed to finally win my decade old battle with FEMA, regarding my annual premium! Thanks George. As many of you know George invited me as a guest speaker last September for the NFIP Reauthorization Conference. I had been paying 20-times that of my neighbors due to a glitch in the grandfathering rules. Same house, same risk they were paying $570/year and I was paying $13,323/year. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock listened, got involved, and just as we got our bill for $16,583 – we got the phone call from FEMA to say we are now grandfathered AE and our new bill is $571/year. Already got two years refund and more on the way! I can’t begin to thank George for all he does for those of us having to deal with a dysfunctional agency. Our home had become unaffordable and unsellable, and just like that the weight has been lifted. Thanks George.”




Our members are the majority of the folks who re-opened their flood insurance claim and received over a hundred million dollars in additional flood insurance claim funds. (see actual FEMA Statistic below).  If you are still waiting to get paid and have been lowballed on your flood insurance claim, whether you live in Louisiana, Texas or Florida, contact us NOW.




To all our members, flood zone survivors and flood policy holders throughout the country.  If you are being treated unfairly by your flood insurance company, which is backed by our federal government, and are willing to fight for what is fair….. Please Join us…. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



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