We demand that  (FEMA) extend the final deadline for the Hurricane Sandy Claims Review program because many residents of the district he once served have still not been paid for their losses five years after the storm.


The Sandy Claims Review deadline must be pushed to at least December 15th to assure all victims of the storm get the hearings they were promised and the money they deserve,



Sandy flood insurance claims were reopened in 2015 after CBS 60 Minutes exposed widespread fraud in payments to insured homeowners. Executives from FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) promised fraud-free reexamination of claims and rapid resolution in 90 days. It’s been two years since claims were reopened, and the agency is still underpaying homeowners.


In an attempt to draw a close to their Sandy embarrassment, NFIP executives set an arbitrary October 25th deadline for the claims review. Critics say there’s no way thousands of insured homeowners who have waited the longest can be properly reviewed by the deadline.


 We urge all SANDY SURVIVORS to sign the petition http://bit.ly/2klY5t0.





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