Are the same failures going to happen in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Puerto Rico too?


Five years after Superstorm SANDY here are the statistics;


“Twenty-two percent of those displaced by Sandy are still not back in their homes — nearly five years after they were uprooted by the storm, according to “The Long Road Home,” a publication released this week by the New Jersey Resource Project in partnership with researchers from Rutgers University and Stockton University.


– 77 percent said they did not get enough insurance money to finish rebuilding and had to borrow from their retirement savings or other funds, Small Business Association loans or credit cards.


– While 50 percent of homeowners reported damages of $150,000 or more, only seven percent received National Flood Insurance compensation in that amount.


– More than 70 percent said the anxiety and stress during the recovery led to physical or mental health problems, including depression, post-traumatic stress, and respiratory problems due to mold conditions.


– 56 percent say they have had trouble keeping up with bills, or even affording food since the hurricane.


– 20 percent of people in the state RREM program have been told that they owe money to the grant programs and 90 percent of that number said they could not afford to the pay back the money.


– 41 percent lost their jobs or had their livelihood adversely effected.”


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