Continually building homes in a flood plain will only make flooding worse in those communities and the communities downstream.

Houston has one of the largest concentrations of Repetitive Loss properties in the nation because of overbuilding in the flood plain.

Repetitive Loss Properties is the # 1 reason the NFIP is $20 Billion in debt.

NFIP flood policyholders are subsidizing builders!

FEMA needs to step in and penalize communities that build in the flood plain.

Houston even allowed a new community of over a 1,000 homes to be built in a Reservoir’s flood plain. Unschockingly the unsuspecting homeowners did not know they lived in a reservoir. Neither the developer nor realtors divulged this information to the homeowners. Read the full story here…/houston-harvey-flooding-reservoir…

The builders build in the flood plain, they make their money and unsuspecting homeowners get flooded. Flood. Build. Repeat.

Here is an article that is pretty incredible, especially coming from the Flood Czar of Houston.

Houston Flood Czar: Stopping Development In 100-Year Floodplain “Not Going To Happen”  

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