FEMA is not forcing cities/homeowners to comply when homes are substantially damaged.  


Ana Zimmerman Phd, purchased her home in 2005.  In 2015 her home flooded. She received $80,000 from the NFIP from her flood insurance claim.


The city of Charleston did not deem the home to be Substantially Damaged. Nor did the city require permits to be pulled to do such a large renovation/rebuild.  She finished rebuilding and flooded again in 2017.


At this point she researched her property, this is what she discovered;  – Her home, located at 1171 Shoreham Drive, Charleston, S.C., had flooded 5 times before she purchased it. 

– The Realtors invovled NEVER disclosed all the previous floods.

–  The City of Charleston NEVER disclosed all the previous floods.

– The Seller never disclosed the previous floods.

– The city of Charleston NEVER deemed this home to be Substantially Damaged!

– The city of Charleston allowed this home and 148 homes in this development to be built 3 feet BELOW FEMA’s BFE. Charleston simply provided a variance to the developer.

– Most of the 148 homes in the development have flooded several times, some of the homes flooded 9 times.

– Until 2017, Not 1 has been deemed substantially damaged!

– Ana had to literally threaten the city with a lawsuit to receive the city’s first Substantially Damaged determination!

– The city of Charleston does not require permits for a home to rebuild after a storm.  




Her flood insurance at the time was approximately $1,500 a year it is now over $6,000 a year.  


Ana refuses to “flip” this home to another unsuspecting buyer. This home is now in coreclosure. She has notified the bank to disclose the flood history of this property. ana and her family are true heroes for protecting others from buying Repetitive Loss properties in the future.


The reason there are substantially damaged rules is because we must identify and remove high risk homes out of harms way. Charleston and other cities have completely disregarded the Subtantially Damaged rule. This puts property, NFIP solvency and lives at danger. Furthermore Charleston has not been sanctioned for this offence. They actually have been rewarded by achieving a level 6 Community Rating System – which means Charleston residents are given a 20% discount because Charleston is complying with FEMA Flood Rules! This is ridiculous. This actually rewards bad behavior for communities to rebuild in a high risk manner in the future.


They have also built other communities in the same manner, below the BFE. They are now building new communities in the area that are “Fill and Build” communities that will further exacerbate the flooding in Ana’s community. WE MUST DEMAND ALL COMMUNITIES BUILD MORE RESILIENT.




There has been an ongoing FEMA and DHS Fraud Investigation #FR-349-2018. We demand to see the results of this report and all subsequent reports.  




According to the NRDC (National Resource Defence Council) Repetitive Loss properties cost the NFIP over 12 Billion dollars in unnecessary claim payment, thereby raising premiums! (Thanks Gilbert Gaul – )


Watch Ana’s Video here ;  https://www.facebook.com/anthropocenealliance/videos/2245097152449322/UzpfSTEyMDE5ODExMTQ4NDM5OToxNDQ4NjIyMjMxOTc1MzA3/?eid=ARC6yexeUoRBGISvri5nGf5vFXVuSE2qqzuRXfH2lEcUh2XUVfAsn6N2YJ5IBlQFxIvqZXYem6h30dy_



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