These are the typical steps taken to TRY and get a fair payment on flood insurance claims after Superstorm Sandy which occurred on October 29, 2012.

  1. Senators Menendez, Schumer, Gillibrand and Booker announce the “Sandy Re-opening of claims” officially opens up May 2015. (20,000 people reopen their claims)

  2. You re- open up your claim… ( Very Hopeful for justice, finally.)

  3. You wait for a few months, no answer

  4. Roy Wright’s, NFIP Administrator, self-imposed deadline of getting the claims paid in 90 days passes.

  5. FEMA asks you for more paperwork

  6. You get a different adjustor (# 2)

  7. You inquire about your file

  8. What file?  They lose your file

  9. No answer for another few months from FEMA.

  10. You ask for a supervisor.

  11. You find out your 3rd caseworker is gone you have a new one!

  12. No one gets back to you for 2 months.

  13. You ask for a copy of your original file, FEMA says you are not entitled to it.

  14. Congrats!  You have another new caseworker (# 4)

  15. After repeated emails and calls you get a copy of your claim.

  16. You find out it is riddled with errors; wrong sq. footage, pictures aren’t even of your home, wrong name, wrong everything…….

  17. Let’s see if you had enough yet? FEMA requests copies of all your receipts, again!

  18. You get an offer for $10K.

  19. FEMA hopes they wear you down and settle.  But you are not a “settler”.

  20. If you can hold out… Go back to steps 3-17 then go to step 21.

  21. Congrats you get to meet your 5th Adjustor!

  22. You spend an hour on the phone explaining everything from the beginning, again!.

  23. Are you worn out yet?  If so go to step 18 and settle otherwise go to next step.

  24. Congratulations!  It’s been one year since the claims process has begun.

  25. Congressman MacArthur has press conference exposing fraud from inside the claims process. He calls for Congressional Investigation into FEMA.

  26. At this point if you are “hanging on” you are most probably represented by an attorney.

  27. You are getting mad at your attorney because this is taking too long.

(in reality it is FEMA slowing down the process forcing you to settle, the attorneys have no control over the timeline)

  1. Great Flood In Central Louisiana happens – 22,000 of the flood survivors have flood insurance.  August 2016.

  2. In August 2016 Congressman Pallone regurgitates Statistics from FEMA stating the Sandy Review Process is virtually complete and everyone is happy!

  3. George Kasimos lets Congressman Pallone know that the numbers he is being fed by FEMA are fabricated and a lie!  Congressman Pallone promises to “dig deep” and see if FEMA’s numbers are correct

  4. You still did not give up? Go back and repeat steps 3-17, then to step 32.

  5. You are persistent, FEMA found more money in your claim…. Will you accept $40,000?

  6. No?

  7. Bad Boy……Go back to steps 3 – 17

  8. What?  You don’t want to settle for $40K?

  9. Time to go to the 3rd party Neutral, FEMA threatens…..

  10. FEMA will schedule it………. Eventually

  11. FEMA sets  a date for the 3rd party neutral in 2 months!

  12. Sorry FEMA had to cancel, will reschedule…. Eventually.

  13. Hurricane Matthew Hits Florida, SC and NC. Late September 2016.

  14. 2 months… nothing happened…. Go back to line 32….. does that offer look good for you?

  15. No?  You are a pesky bugger…. Out of the 20,000 folks that reopened their claims you are one of the last 7,500 or so still holding out. (although FEMA won’t admit this…. yet)

  16. Wanna play chicken?  See who holds out longer?  FEMA or an individual policy holder?

  17. October 2016 – It’s only been over 4 years since Superstorm Sandy.  Paying $1,500 a month rent and the mortgage on your home not wearing you down? That is $72,000 in rent in 4 years.

  18. Sorry, FEMA can’t pay your rent for 4 years. Even though it’s not Sandy that has kept you from rebuilding your home but FEMA’s fraud and underpayment.

  19. Sorry, FEMA won’t pay for your attorney. You had to hire an attorney and pay them out of your award, even though there has been fraud brought up on several occasions – Both 60 minutes and Frontline exposed the fraud.  FEMA doesn’t have to obide by NJ / NY state banking rules, they are a federal agency.   Not just any agency, but FEMA falls under the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Paying your claim requires FEMA to hide behind the guise of “national security” and legally hide behind this veil.

  20. Ready to Settle yet?  FEMA admitted they made not one mistake when they first offered you 10K and then another mistake when they offered you $40K.  Do you really think FEMA could make a 3rd mistake ?

  21. You finally go before the 3rd party neutral.  Now you have to wait for the results.

  22. Did I mention you have to wait…… for the results.

  23. Results are in. You are awarded $120,000 additional on your claim.  You originally got $80,000.  Congrats!

  24. It is January 2017.  You are now waiting for your check…. I did say wait… right?

  25. Congressman Pallone “digs deep” and finds out that the info FEMA provided to him in August was all fabricated.  He finds out well over 30% of Sandy Claims are still open.  (What will the ramifications be to FEMA/ NFIP for lying to a congressman?)

  26. While you wait for the check, lets recap where we are.  IF your total settlement on our claim is $200K and your attorney takes a third ($60K), which leaves you with $140K, then you had to pay $72,000 to rent a small apartment – after everything you NET $68,000.  Thanks FEMA!

  27. So when will the check finally be received?  Will it be 2 years after the reopening of the claims process?

  28. Will flooded homeowners from the GREAT FLOOD in Louisiana and Hurricane Matthew actually get checks before Sandy Survivors?

  29. Will the flood survivors from the Great Flood in Louisiana and Hurricane Matthew get underpaid and defrauded too ?

  30. Still WAITING, it’s been 4 years, 2 months 9 days to get paid on the flood insurance claim.  1/7/2017 –

If you did not get paid at lease $150 per sq. foot for your flood damaged home, you were underpaid.  Contact an attorney, not just any old attorney, but an attorney that has years of  experience and deep pockets to fight FEMA for you.  We strongly suggest you do NOT use an adjustor FEMA just ignores them, they are not legally bound to recognize them or even talk to them.

Meanwhile no one from FEMA / NFIP gets fired or put in jail for all this.  Actually I lied.  Brad Kieserman, the old NFIP Administrator, “resigned” and was immediately hired by the Red Cross for a larger salary.

This fraud and underpayment is not some kind of new phenomenon.  This has been documented over a decade ago.  There is a gentlemen from Maryland, Steven Kanstoroom, who documented and testified in Congress about the same fraud and underpayments a decade ago.  You can review his findings at .  Nothing was done to rectify the situation a decade ago and nothing is being done now.

May god bless SANDY, Louisiana Great Flood and Hurricane Matthew Flood Survivors.



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