@SharynAlfonsi from @60Minutes will be doing a very rare follow up segment on the Fraudulent engineering reports and what FEMA/NFIP is doing to “make us whole”.
We urge all our members to “Keep up the Pressure”.

The more calls, emails and tweets we put out to 60 minutes the more pressure that will be put on FEMA/NFIP to settle our claims in a timely fashion, help us rebuild our homes, fix our flood maps AND keep flood insurance affordable for all of us across the country.

Call 60Minutes : 212-975-2006 and 212-975-3247
Email : 60m@cbsnews.com
Twitter : @SharynAlfonsi and @60Minutes

Let them know your issues.

If you have a twitter account please retweet @StopFemaNow, we will be putting out many tweets you can retweet easily.  It’s as easy as forwarding an email!

If you do not have a twitter account we strongly urge you to open one up, it is the most effective way to reach media and elected officials about our issues. If you need assistance opening up a twitter account please;
– Email us at StopFemaNow@gmail.com , We will open an account for you.
– Join our www.facebook.com/groups/StopFemaNowToolkit/ page and ask a question there, our members will assist you.
– Open a twitter account at www.Twitter.com and follow and retweet @StopFemaNow .

Thank you and get the word out.

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