Standing Room Only at last nights meeting.

Please thank Congressman Tom MacArthur ,Senator Menendez Staff (Zach and Dan), Elissa Commins and Joanne Bergin (Brick Admin and Engineer) for answering many of our questions and shedding light on many of our issues.

We also thank the Board and Residents of Seaview Village for hosting the meeting and providing snacks and refreshments.

There are a few issues that we would like to elaborate on;

– Congressman Tom MacArthur passed legislation to limit the FEMA “Clawback” to 3 years after the disaster.

– Congressman MacArthur and Senator Menendez Staff have pledged to fight to fix the flood maps and keep flood insurance affordable. The NFIP will need congressional reauthorization in 2017.

– Raising of Home for Substantially Damaged homes has been extended from 4 years to 6 years. (See pic of document attached)



substantially damaged - 6 years 001

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