We visited several congressional offices on Thursday, meeting with legislators and their staffs. Our visits included the offices of Senator Schumer, Congressman MacArthur, Congressman LoBiondo, Congresswoman Coleman, Congressman Zeldin, Congressman Pallone, and Congressman King. You can see pictures of some of our members visiting the elected officials at www.stopfemanow.com/photos .

We then joined Congressman MacArthur at his press conference, where he announced that whistleblowers who’d worked on the Sandy Claims Review process had come forward and introduced one of them to explain the fraud that FEMA is now perpetrating. The whistleblower, Jeff Coolidge, made many alarming statements, including that FEMA reviewers were “instructed not to pay for items if it reached their threshold and then told to change their estimates [to a lower number].” Mr. Coolidge explained that he came forward because he just couldn’t sleep at night knowing that people were being lied to and shortchanged by their own government.

We’ve learned that other whistleblowers have come forward to confirm Mr. Coolidge’s statements. The latest update is that seven whistleblowers have come forward, several of whom already have signed sworn affidavits about the fraud they saw in the review process. Other whistleblowers are in the pipeline. These brave men and women, whether they choose to remain anonymous or to speak publicly like Jeff Coolidge, are true selfless heroes.


20160428_12330720160428_123307JEff Coolidge - Hero

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