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3:50 Minute Mark – The same FEMA problems are being repeated in LA, NC and Florida right now.

5:00 – Why does FEMA rental assistance only around for 3 month increments.  How does FEMA justify a $100,000 trailer ?

5:35 –  FEMA / HUD does not provide timely information to rebuild.  They keep changing the rules.

6:05 – The Cajun Navy arose because of the FAILURE of FEMA to rescue residents stranded in their homes.  FEMA is the Disaster.

7:28  – FEMA Fraud on paying flood claims has been going on for over a decade.

8:30 – An attorney, August Matteis from , has proven Fraud against FEMA and State Farm Insurance Company.  FEMA has been involved in fighting this for a decade.  It will be heard in front of the Supreme Court this November. STAY TUNED. is the actual case:

9:30 – FEMA Fraud – No one went to Jail, No one was fired.  20,000 homeowners STILL WAITING 4 years for a fair payment on our claims.

10:45 – Homeowners waiting for fair claim have paid over $70,000 in rent.  $1,500 a month for 48 months = $70,000.  Remind me how our government is helping us?

11:15  Why is Doug Quinn, a Veteran, FORCED to pay $3,000 a year on flood insurance for a vacant lot?  His home was deemed “Substantially Damaged”, yet he has not received a fair flood insurance payment, 4 yrs after the storm.

12:03 Why do we do this?  For my neighbor Jack who lost his home and for future storm survivors in LA, NC, SC and FL.  “FEMA is Broken”

12:31 “FEMA is Broken”, Thousands homeless in Louisiana

13:20   We Vote – Resign Fugate

14:20 Congressman Peter King (NY) – stated “That Congressman MacArthur ‘went rogue’ “ referring to Congressman MacArthur’s statement calling for an investigation into FEMA and for Craig Fugate to resign because of the FEMA Fraud.

16:00 Louisiana Storm Survivors including John Schneider are having FEMA issues.

Listen to his song about FEMA (Should this song be our Anthem?)


17:22 There are thousands still homeless in Louisiana right now.  There is a Veteran sleeping in his care in a Wal-Mart Parking.  FEMA is a Failure.

17:58 We are going back down to Louisiana.  We are asking for donations; winter clothes, kids toys, diapers, baby food, shoes, tents, blankets, etc..  Please email us

24:32 Fraudulent Contractors / DCA / Our own John Ongrady tells his story how the DCA has not done anything with his complaint 3 years ago!

28:37  Calling on the DCA to meet with us

38:05 Our government forgot, but we won’t forget our vets.

39:27  RREM – Where is RREM  compared to “Build it Back”, “NY Rising” and “Road Home” Programs.  Sam Viavattine , RREM Director, met with our group.  He listens to constructive criticism.

49:38 Sea Level Rise.  If Obama believes there will be a 6 foot sea level rise.  Then he has to dig deep and pay for it.  Holland spends 5% of their GDP on mitigation yearly.

50:37  Mitigation Projects – “An ounce of prevention….”For every dollar spent on Mitigation projects it saves 4 times that amount on future storm damage.

55:20  Congressman MacArthur

  • “Craig Fugate should Resign”

  • “Shocked about Engineer Fraud”

  • “Wants investigation on who directed the Fraud and Suppress claim payments”

58:50 Congressman MacArthur Calls for Craig Fugate’s Resignation AGAIN (He is not  your typical freshman congressman)

47:28 Protection from Future Storms – Sea Gates for the Barnegat Bay

  • It will lower our Base Flood Elevation – It will lower flood premiums

  • Thousands will no longer be required to raise their homes.




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