Billions were spent to fortify the levees, refurbish the sewer system and rebuild the pumping system to minimize /eliminate the flooding.

Over 50% of the system was “offline”

This is another example of infrastructure failure causing flooding. This is happening all over the country from Ocean City, NJ to Houston, TX and many of the 22,000 flood zone communities across the country.

Should the NFIP and policyholders be liable to pay these claims or should the city of New Orleans have to pay for this man made flood?

If the NFIP policyholder are made to pay, Policyholders will see their premiums rise because of another man made flood. Just like during Katrina another man made disaster- the ACoE levees failed and it caused the NFIP program to go into debt.

We want to thank Sandy Rosenthal from and H.J. Bosworth Jr., PE for raising awareness on this issue.

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