Richard and Linda Brown have 4 children – They have a substantially damaged home with a $168,000 flood policy. And only have received $62,000. 2 years after the Great flood in Louisiana! FEMA is shortchanging Flood survivors AGAIN!.



FEMA Continually spends money like a drunken sailor paying $87,000 in legal fees for “trial preperation” on a flood claim that had a policy limit of $25,000.


Gerald Nielsen aka “FEMA’s lawyer” was described by Senator Menendez… “He treated SANDY victims like they were perpetrators, enriching himself at their expense”. A New York Federal Judge describe Nielsen’s “Conduct as Remorseless” and “Failure or Refusal to exercise reasonable diligence”.


Mr. John Houghtaling, Esq. of Gauthier Murphy & Houghtaling, LLC,  fought FEMA in Brooklyn District Court in New York after Superstorm Sandy and is now fighting FEMA again in Louisiana.


After the Sandy Task Force we had assurances from FEMA Administrator Fugate and NFIP Administrator Roy Wright that all Sandy Claims would be paid fairly and promptly and that these underpayments would cease and desist. It Continues not just in Louisiana but in Texas and Florida too.


If you are willing to stand up to FEMA / NFIP and get paid fairly on your claim, join all our groups:


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