The Fraud and Underpayments of Flood Claims has been going on for several years.  Congress has had investigations on this issue in 2015.  60 Minutes had an Investigative Report on this issue.  There was a group, led by Steve Kanstoroom, in 2004 that testified in Congress about this issue.

NFIP acting Administrator, Roy Wright, claimed he would “pay all Superstorm Sandy Claims in 90” days rings hollow when 4.5 years after Superstrom Sandy over 7,000 flood policy holders still have not “settled” their claim, let alone gotten paid a fair claim.

Dear Louisiana, NY, NJ, FL, NC, SC and Georgia Flood Survivors,

If you have not received a fair claim.  DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER.

Call AND Email your Congressmen and Senators, click her to find their info.  Tell them your issue, also let them know you are a STOP FEMA NOW member.  THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS.

This is a Federal ISSUE.  One Congressman or Senator can not fix the system.  But Several Congressmen and Senators across NY, NJ, LA, FL, SC, NC and GA can affect change.

The NFIP needs Congressional Reauthorization this year.  Your Congressmen and Senators need to know the problems with this program before they vote to continue funding this program.

You must stand up for yourself or you will be waiting for years!


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