It’s official. Hundreds of Louisiana Flood Policy holders confirmed they are being underpaid on their flood claims.  Read the full article in the @Advocate  


Will it turn into tens of thousands like in NY and NJ?


Will this continue to Texas and Florida too?


Why has the fraud and underpayment of flood claims being allowed to continue? This was supposed to have gotten fixed during the Superstorm Sandy Task Force, 3 years ago.


Watch the video in the news article. Homeowners not getting paid for their top cabinets, homeowners not getting paid for siding and exterior plywood and more.


“Marjorie and Charles “Chuck” Gill had $165,200 of flood insurance coverage on their three-bedroom home near Bayou Manchac.


But after more than 3 feet of water swamped their house off Old Jefferson Highway in the historic 2016 flood, they found themselves taking out a $24,000 Small Business Administration loan and making many repairs themselves.


Their insurance company, Allstate, gave them about $75,000. The Gills insisted they needed more to cover the cost of fixing things like their exterior siding, the wall sheathing behind their exterior walls and their outside air conditioning unit. A second adjuster from Allstate estimated they could get another $8,200 — $40,000 less than what they argued was needed.


The Gills are among hundreds of families, plaintiffs’ attorneys say, who are seeking legal help pursuing insurance claims more than a year after the catastrophic flood.


At times becoming emotional over the experiences of the past year, Chuck Gill recently sat with Marjorie Gill in their living room near the unfinished fireplace — one of the final touches needed to fully restore their home — as he recalled overcoming his natural distaste for resorting to litigation.


“I told her, I said, ‘Marge, we can’t fight these people. We don’t know who we’re fighting. We don’t know if we’re fighting FEMA, or we don’t know if we’re fighting Allstate,'” Read the article here.  Please also watch the video of homeowners fighting their claim.

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